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Lord you are my true Shepherd,
Lord you are my honest guard;
Lord you are my heart my soul,
Lord you are my strength my bold.

You lead me in green pastures-
You care me every hour,
Lead me besides still waters-
Always near me not so far.

You lead me to stay apart-
From other beasts of the earth,
You never left me alone:
You want me to be your own.

Though I walk through the darkness,
You lead me home to take rest;
Your rod leads me next morning,
Without fear again I sing.

Roaring lion tremble of me-
And flocks of my enemy,
They cannot eat the fatness-
And I am always blessed.

Lord your goodness and mercy-
From me they will never flee,
Your house is my dwelling place:
My Shepherd to you I gaze.



(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)