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Extinct Mothers

Women today refuge to be
the seat of creation.
She refuges to be matrix of birth.
Has no desire to be the first teacher.
She condemns and raise slogans against
Defining women as child bearing pouches.
She gives the clarion call to unite
To protest against child bearing.
She wants to spring up
In career and in public life.
She wants to be a copy cat
And likes to catwalk before the hungry onlookers.
She dreams of a world
Full of women without uterus.
She says banning the bra was not enough
Discarding the uterus
Shall lead to total liberation.
Uncomfortable little kicks in the uterus
Are not longer desirable.
Therefore, no offspring please she says.
Instead she wants to be
A marketable product….
To live till she draws others attention.
Once it is gone
She wants to recede into oblivion forever.
Of course, not as a mother
Only as a beautiful woman.
She says what all she believes :
One day the earth will be motherless
Causing the homo sapiens to extinct.


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)