Parnashree Kundu
(West Bengal-India)

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Mothers' Solace

Amidst the peoples' stormy night ,
like a garland a bunch of lignt
were focussing bright,
falling a fliker of gay infront of
everys' eye -sight
Alls' attempt was to leave behind other,
nobody liked to stand togethor,
near a merry-go-round,
there were seen a gather.
For first ridding
thrusts upon in in all living
with the solace of bleeding .
In behind nobody likes him in keeping,
so anarchy naturally would like in coming.
But tiny dark deformed frustrated
round shaped face,
fixes his notice at all wearing a
dull torned dailys' prevalent dress,
made him to stand
a symbol of the particular race
But contained stern bright gayful face
Is avoide by other,
although his ouite notice ,
is fixed for other
as a grim taker of broken heart peace.
But from him displene never likes
to allow to cease.
All are terrefic busy being hazy
But his eyes from moment to moment
become crazy.
For them his mind demands more .
but heart not go to for others,' shore.
A solace face ,
A solace trace,
A solace grace,
And also a solace gaze,
pulled him from the aristtrocratic
merry go round,
sent him a shilly traditionnal ground.
A tiny doll, borrowed from the nearby stall,
A black face, dignified a lady not so tall.
And spreads the seeds of joy snatching him from others' hall.
The joy of tiny ,true which cannot be carried from the richs' shopng mall.
now heart stops to dance.
for getting richs' false glance.
Mind doesn't demands more.
All pale, all purge of tears
now gets its real shore.
Said the boy Ďall attractives are not for poorí
Tiny babe, shiny babe, glittered babe,
uttered Iím, with smile, saved,
Mother in side of other
my notice doesn't want to fall.
Getting small ball
and your love my joy of hall".
Thisrty child, grim child,
being mild,
left the place with mothers' solace,
© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)

Lovely Sea

O, my, darling lovely and impressive sea,
vast bosom you have and lighted beach
when sun beams with vast radiation
like to reach.
Bubbles love to dance
with wavelet spirits of sea.
In haily impression and rainy mission
wave gets white and sprightal motion
which are taste for impression,
taste for attraction.
Salty is water taste
for whole livings not only for the rest.
Demonic is its roars
but peaceful its shores.
Mind becomes fresh, heart gets relaxation.
Standing on shore senses go for everlasting attraction.
Impression and impression,
till to last, nowhere is in depression.
The jumping snails
creating dancing mood
carrying spontaneity like early childhood.
move with water and them some of them swallow death and pale.
Whale swim making a curve.
Her eyes are shrill and sharp.
Jellyfish declares her morning victory.
Little fishes have written
a bright morning story.
Leafy green small trees yearns to give shelter
for cod who breathes himself
charming worker.
For her babies she is ,does not talk to other .
Pearl,the glorious white, coral,
the burning bright.
never would like to fight.
All livings with their day's mission
have paved a lovely union.


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)