Mosam Sinha
(Uttar Pradesh - India)

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To You

You are like an abode
of love,truth,life and soul
with a heart full of kindness,
language to win over people.

You pour your sweet words
like a fountain flows water:
brightly, naturally,gracefully
creating sensations in hearts.

Your sweet words glow like
intertwined pearls shedding
darkness from hollow minds
creating hopes in the hopeless.

Your language flows like
The crystal river that goes
In all directions giving way
to brightly successful future.

Presentation is your forte
A king fights with a sword.
A writer writes with a pen.
You speak even sans words.
[The poem is dedicated to my source of inspiration, Shri Surendra Rajeshwari, Senior Announcer, All India Radio, Rampur]


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)