Meenu Gupta


Modern Age: a contradiction

What seems was never there
Only an irony is here
If you love you might be mean
And hatred woofs (smells) of past love
Your generosity beckons the fame
Otherwise who would care of
blind and lame
If a friend is helping and kind
It reflects that he has something in his mind.
When a known praises or applauds
Its not sure for gains or loss
Present Age is full of contraries
Where not only deceit but
Treachery overpowers.


Is lovable
It enhances the illumine
Shows your reflection
Doubles the beauty
Ecstasy and shine
Hides the tears
Frown and jealous
Pain and greed
It, indeed is
An object that
concaves and convex
refract and reflect
it inspires us to
take white gloom
andmake the
rainbow bloom.
If not, what is life?


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)