Kamola Salyamova
c/o Asror Allayarov, <allayorovasror@mail.ru>


(From the Diary of “Seeking Soul”)

Impossible to intake something new in life,
Unless anything old escapes.
Better, never rush to fill the space,
As the condition of emptiness is so grace.
But sometimes…
What is the sense of new ingredients intruding into soul,
If that is glued in a usual hole?
No gain, no relief,
Just more pain and much grief.
Kingdom of soul, body and wit,
All together connect us with happiness,
Who can honestly and bravely utter
It is warmness and love?
To love and be loved…
Prince in a white horse,
Princess in a castle, dream of yours
If there is love absence!
Emptiness comprises of love,
Love to SELF,
Who can love you in the way you want
If you would not love yourself?
Love is the steam
Where happiness would gleam!..

© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)