Dinara Yuldosheva
(Karshi district, Uzbekistan)
c/o Asror Allayarov, <allayorovasror@mail.ru>


The Motherland is the Soul

The motherland is the soul
in my heart
You are more
beautiful than flowers
Iíll glorify your name
Making and singing songs
The motherland is the soul.

Trees are growing
Flowers are blooming
Iíll gather them
Cover under your feet.
The embodiment of the beauty
Homeland is eternal
and alive forever
Motherland is the soul.

Beautiful buildings
Attract my attention
The fields and gardens
Boast of their beauty
As a sign of piece
The flag is swaying
The motherland is the soul.

Honor and esteem
Are personified in you.
Pride and authority
Are important in it too.
Our future lives
In it shining brightly
The motherland is the soul.
© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)