Dilafgor Sanobar
(Koson district, Uzbekistan)
c/o Asror Allayarov, <allayorovasror@mail.ru>


At Nights in my Dreams…

Planting flowers in my heart’s field
I dream happiness at nights
When it leaves nostalgia on my eyelash
I wake up, devoting it to the life.

Dawn raised sighing
From sinful night’s dark flap.
Dust is kissing hope’s clean face
Hope, looking farewell after the days.

I wash it clean and safely in years
Saving from melancholy and offence.
I will love beautiful spring in autumns
Keeping your name in my heart’s ardour.

Burning the answers hundred times in my heart,
I can’t avoid of the one question.
I miss you looking at each passing day,
When someone calls your name.

At the corner of the solitary soul
Love cries with burning dream.
I’m writing a letter by name the LIFE
At the black page of the destiny.
I can’t find you in any page
Wandering at the soul’s skies.
For rendezvous even in my dreams
I came back to my dark room.

Fire burns and torments the heart,
Glimmering dark room with it’s glow
My feelings’ storms are uncurbed
And hearts’ cry tied to my eyes’ cradle.

Did you make a bed from unrealized dream
May love sleep on a soft pillow.
If happiness was born from your dream
Life, let me sleep in your embrace

I dream happiness at nights…

© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)