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Man is Dead

Man is dead
informed this but he
that he had to die a day
he also revealed
that he had already died long back
only declaration he needed to do

Now only the last rites
are to be performed
but who will carry the job?
He has left none behind

Who he was
No one knew
how to perform the rites
what community he belonged?
Ah! Was this the only identity he had?

When he was Man
he thought of realising his dreams
he remained busy with the regular chores
never did he differentiate
between day and night
he toiled hard without any expectations
dreamt and dreamt to ascend the sky
and gradually he raised himself to sky

Instantly here and instantly there
he became the master
at least this is how he started thinking now
he thought that the whole world
revolves around him
and he can realize anything
tame the time
and turn the tables as per his wishes
and he gradually alienated himself
from the others
and even from himself

This had to happen
he devised saptre, he devised sword
spears, daggers and what not
and then came the guns, bombs and missiles
and what not…
this was the result of power keg
the gun powder
he carried fire in his hands
he played, toyed and frolicked with it

The fire was growing
every mintue... every day...
and he was encircled in it

Then came the destiny
the flames he was carrying in his hands
burnt him one day

Knowing not how this happened
he is finally dead now
he had to
since he had died a long back..
(Translated by Harish Thakur)


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)