Bushra Naqi
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A relationship

My relationship with you
is of many layers;
it has many patterns and colors;
they combine to impact our lives together,
more than we can imagine.
we cast long shadows on each other; shadows which linger on long
after our ways part and
we dissolve into the past;
we shed light and darkness on each other;
permeating us in places
we cannot see or ever reach;
we continue to live on different planes
that will stand apart;
and yet mingle into each other
till they become soluble;
still striving to remain intact,
secure in our selves;
I live in fear of being invaded by you;
lest you seek to change me in your image.
I fear this alien force
that might inhabit me and
silently push me out of myself.
our alliance is not invincible
though we might desire to believe it so;
it always remains fragile; more so
in our moments of vanity
our alliance is not about conquest
nor fidelity; neither promises
of love; it is the embrace of vast spaces
separating us;
and somewhere along the way
two people build a nest for each other
without impinging on the self.



(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2013)