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The Lesson

Why did you beget
so sour fruit?
Bent on thy tree.
Wretched seeds
garden of gloom
thy dotted signs.

Though I collect
pile over pile
buried mine soul
tattered flag
fossils of rut life.

Thy rare twit
teases my beat
praying hands
cold thy heat..!

Didn`t you smile
behind her coyness ?
forgot I every race…
Why should I run
to bed own hearse ?
Far spread cemetery
predicts my procession.
Which thirst
are you raised ?
Where this desert?
Which mirage
should I chase..?
So orphan thy love is?
Still thy flute
soaks my tears
little lake in desert
when slept all world
we met in boat
song of life
rippled in waves..
Thy gracious breeze
taught ……lesson of patience…


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)