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True Love

Every human heart wants love and peace.
In this physical world where people are selfish.
Desire for true love is not a crime
It is beyond the feeling of yours or mine .
It happens in just no time.
Unable to explain even a single line.

True love is not so easy to find
Whether you wander in cloud or Sunshine
Meaning of true love is still the same
It is an unsolved puzzle for brain
There is no calculation for loss and gain
One has to face the hurdle and pain.

It asks the selfless love for the one
The love that is spiritual with no condition
It is the name of devotion and sacrifice
It is the game of giving and being crucified
Let someone special knock at your door
Be ready to accept what life has in store

Never clash your ego with the person you like
Never try to hurt him or let him go by
Just melt like an ice disappear like a drop
Just be of someone, and experience pure love.


I have captured
every impression of yours
in words,
Your radiant face, glittering eyes,
sharp nose, dimpled smile,
affectionate words, tender touch,
sympathetic look, caring attitude,
exciting events; sensuous situations…………..
So that whenever, I feel utterly alone,
I may easily go to them
and experience your whole
without any moral or social barrier or guilt
I have admired you more than love
and would not let you fade away
from my memories…………

You have to come in my dreams
whenever I call you
To give me moral and emotional support
to make me strong and boast me
to start a new fresh life..............
You can’t escape from me!


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2014)