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Some Beautiful Ornaments

Beautiful thinking, thinking greatly,
thinking of harm of pricking, never, never.
Beautiful words of sincerity of affability,
of amity fraternity ever, ever
Beautiful, grand, such building mammoth
a sky scraper seen from far.
Whirlwind of Passion measured Patiently
Harmoniously used scattering pearls of solace.
Beauty sleeping under azure sky fearless
Thinking of care none dam num none crush.
Beautiful neighbour slight signal and hand
For suppressing grief,
distress return not feeling.
Friends such Paramount
Friends such Paramount.
Beautiful dangling tired in bruising heat
Cheer flowing book clean.
Beautiful more inner pure, sheen,
perpetually of it great gift.
Beauty grand, grand spirituality laden
seeing wide, wide. far, far.
Beautiful relation,
married life with sensibility
understanding great beauty.


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)