Zulayho Sherkulova
c/o Asror Allayarov   <allayorovasror@mail.ru>


In the morning
I have seen a drawing in the window,
I have had a sensation as I saw a miracle.
An ornament have been
radiating with elegance,
I said: My beautiful winter is a painter.

Melody, song, applause
have sung at surrounding,
Look, every dynasty has been doing triumph.
Beloved motherland has impressive winter
Again, you bring New Year.

You are Happy

Your eyes have ray of love,
Periods of youth are your fellow-traveller.
Deep place of soul is yours,
Dear friend, you are happy.

You come across a trial in the life,
Donít grieve, if you encounter with foe.
Someone offends you
because of your presence,
Dear friend, you are happy.

Find chance, the world isnít small,
Shame makes dwelling in your heart.
You have parents in the vicinity of you,
Dear friend, you are happy.

Life is given you once,
Donít beat to pieces hearts.
Donít be unhappy,
we are in the vicinity of you,
Dear friend, you are happy.

Translated by Gulruh Abdullayeva.


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)