Vishal Bodhale


The Pledge

  She passed from me
as the destiny patrolled around
to guard the dreams
secretly secured.
And …I
looser of all keys
unlocking the treasure full of dreams.
The mirror reflecting the maiden.
Had I negotiated with my Lord
to repay His debts.
Mortgaged my little dream
seen with her
drenched incessant tears.
Twisted the rose she offered once.
Bowed against Lord
saw I
His aquatic eyes…..
Though He blessed me
with His love
with her lost love.
She lent me the path of sorrows
every grass stick
sharpened with arrows.
Though I
should not complain.
‘the show must go on’
few tears, few fears
The destined role
waiting on stage
I must break my desired cage.
Through the thousand claps for me
saw I her silhouette
reminded my pledge
‘I have my own commitments.’
replied her unheard footsteps
‘I have my own too.’


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)