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Let my country awake

Proudly say no one can surpass
Us in history, culture and knowledge
Glorify Sanskrit is mother of all languages
Place of intellectual giants and unselfish men
Who built and sacrificed life for the motherland
Wish to see its zenith in every nook and corner
Uncountable outsiders looted the prosperity
Never attempts to ask questions
to the undo men
Well verse in silent sufferings
and hesitate to show
Guts in decisive movements,
prove us true Indians!!
We have two innate skills slavery
and double standard
History gives substantial evidence
to the perceptions
Since inception of civilization
we read about invaders
But the next generation reads about
criminals and scandals
Of law makers! Feels shame,
increase apprehensions, in inner world
Ask within am I true citizen, silent spectator or encourage for illegitimacy?
Often and often with my helpless worries, reveals forfeit of patriots in vain
Who become a face for politically gain is it direction or ominous?
My insight tells stay remain phlegmatic,
virtue and vice
Must come to an end;
evil has almost reach its celestial
Innumerable antisocial elements are
arising in the name of Social service
which is threat to fabric of nation time to rise
Let my country awake
and let my country awake
Let my country awake
and let my country awake .


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)