Samcilla Baakojr


Samcilla Baakojr is a Poet, Writer and Graphic Designer from Ghana. He’s currently a broadcaster for Ghanaian internet radio and the founder of Bjrworld Media; one of the most powerful young brands on social media which houses all social media activities. His write-ups are a blend of echo verse, free verse with a fusions of blank verse, lyric and he does a bit of epic and kenning writing as well. His movie scripts are awesome; his latest “Holiday” will be premiered in December 2015. His recent collection titled RECOVERY features six of his Lyric poems. He’s more of a writer than a performer.


The quiet wisdom of the body's peace
chaos in this our carnal world
Haste is all bamboo and iron
having sealed our mundane eyes
To views of time and peace!
now I'm strong as stones
or tress are strong
Insensible or ignorant
with vibrant life streams
or the air may wash or pass me by
But my mind breathes quiet,
lying yours along the line
Upon what meat is this man fed?
that he has grown so great!
Diet of eloquent delectable accolades
warm, soft, sweet and red
Under no banyan tree
I strip on onion skin
to find a neat kernel at the still centre
"a little winter love on a dark corner"
No love, no love, no sin to hammer!
Yet more acutely mundane now,
man's finger claw the cosmos
in gestures of despair
Our souls since the beauty of lust is unknown
when you save love, you saved mine
Now you left like a bough sometimes,
The rhythm of life is unknown



Landscape of my young world
Land of soft hills and lots
Of aloes and grey - green dreaming fields
- these are the images of lacerate against which I grace myself
In distance or in a rebellious walling or reserve!
Heart breaking hillsides and green slopes!
There is no armour to exclude your poignancy
No blunting and for me no ease!
Nature creates torture
Artist depicts pleasure through sculpture
Time to make use of this beautiful Vista
Landscape of my young world!
Young, arrogant and ignorant green slopes
Misused life, no hopes
Drawing edges to improve living scopes
No blunting and for me no ease!
Landscape is eloquent of the interplay
Forces that have created it to be alley
Now spread before us like the pages
of an open book, we stare till ages
Biodiversity, human university
Landscape of my young world,
where I grace myself.
© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)