Paramita Mukherjee Mullick


Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick is a scientist, an educationist and an author. She is into education for more than two decades. At present, she has an educational consultancy of her own and is associated with the Quality Council of India, Govt of India for helping in the quality management of schools and junior colleges. Her first book of poems, “Life- A Collection of Poems” (2013) and was launched in Oxford Bookstore, Mumbai and released by noted Bollywood Music Director, Mr. Bappi Lahiri. She also has written and published a story book for children titled, “Stories from Fantasyland”. She lives in Mumbai (Maharashtra) - India.


Suddenly I am feeling I am flying.
Suddenly I am feeling I am free.
Suddenly I feel I have fallen in love
for the first time.
Suddenly I can’t recognise the new me.
The blue skies are brighter.
All work is lighter.
Some hidden spark has ignited.
Some unidentified thoughts have been sighted.
Suddenly the colours have changed.
All trees are looking green
as if it had just rained.
Suddenly the meanings have changed.
All bad thoughts have drained.
Am I on cloud nine?
Am I sick or am I fine?
Somewhere I am finding me.
Somehow I am discovering the real me.
Suddenly I feel I have fallen in love
for the first time.
Suddenly I have fallen in love with ME.

(on Women’s Day)

Walking the path of life.
Going forward with every stride.
Overcoming every hurdle.
Breaking away the girdle.
I have felt the woman in me.
I have realised the woman in me.
Walking the path of love.
Caring, sharing, giving.
people go forward.
Helping people in fulfilled living.
I have seen the woman in me.
I have understood the woman in me.

© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)