Neeru Aseem


Neeru Aseem is an upcoming Punjabi and Hindi poet. She has published two books of poetry, Bhurian Kedian and Siffar. Her poery is known for its terseness and buried metaphors. She lives in Canada.

  Iím Flowing

I have no identity
I was an artist long ago
Sometime, a daughter,
a wife, an actor
Iíve stopped
being any of these
O my critic !
how would you define me now
how youíll catch me
out of thin air
Those times, it was like that
I contained
something else within me,
revealed, something else
Those days
even light makeup
on dark skin could not help
showing through
I am like I am.
I donít do any make-up
I have stopped acting different
Now I observe the currents
surging in my body
I watch the cyclones raging in me
I rise with the tide
I fall with it
I keep on reaching some place
diminishing as the days pass
dragging along
under the weight of my identity
vaporized with the heat of the journey
changed into air
Now I flow
sometime fast, sometimes slow
when I need muscle
I donít become timid
Breeze or gale
Iím flowing
Iím neither a creation nor a creator
Iím wind and am blowing

the puppetsí feet blistered
Laughing and smiling
their eyes filled with tears
This news, no newspaper
carried on its pages
Every day, we turn the pages
but the dashed dreams of puppets
none has dared to write about
They daily see
the brisk trading in the bazaar
and bear the wounds
of buying and selling
They think
how to teach the eyes
to write the script
the way that none
can turn that page
(Translated from Punjabi by Gurdev Chauhan)

© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)