Nar Deo Sharma




Sensations stirred the streets
Whenever she passed flaunting
The tidbits of her
Feel-feast-form familiarly.
Some savored her as
A lush landscape of lust,
A pastime butterfly of passions.
On her titillating tempting teens
I too crazed my cash cares.
Her newsy elopement appalled all.
Young barking stunned the streets…
My ranting dented the sky.
The melodrama of my melancholy
Sounded a nasty knock on
The pulp of pain of her parents.
A stump of spite I’ve been
Since she snubbed me as her hero.

Dying Declaration

The why of my suicide
You’ll never dig at, I know
Since you’ve evermore responded like
An apathetic God against my miseries.
How to live in lifelap
When pain pounds peace?
With an avalanche of abuses
A sleet of smarting scoffs
You littered the alley of
My pinchpunch privations.
Your selfsubsuming apathy has
Redounded an impassable cleavage
To a man who
Swung you in affections.
Well, I abscond with my
Selfspun everlasting imperturbability
For your sprouting as
The cotyledon of love
On my grave no matter.

© Author
(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)