Dr. Monima Chaudhury


Dr. Monima Chaudhury is from Nalbari, Assam (India). She got her education from Handique Girls College, Guwahati and Guwahati University (Assam). She writes in Assamese, Hindi and English. She has to her credit several books of prose and poetry published in three languages. Recipient of about 200 national and international literary awards.

  Life struggle..

The real and next name
Of life is struggle ..
In reality
Life becomes meaningful
Only with struggle..
Can anything be
More beautiful
Than life struggle ......

Poetic pleasure

It keeps
The world fresh and alert
By connecting
Heart with heart ..
Its the real beauty of poetry
That it touches us
By a typical touch
And we get involved in a
Glorious search
To discover
The glory of
Poetic pleasure.

If you ask me
To identify the
Real source of
Beauty and pleasure..
I would like to whisper
A single word ‘nature’


Its impossible
To cage it within
The so called cage
Of definition..
Attraction is always
A wild passion


Is a fact of feeling..
On behalf of us
Its tells and reads
The meaning
Of everything.
Keeping us fresh and fine
Enhances the beauty
Of thinking.
© Author
(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)