Manprasad Subba
(Darjeeling - W. Bengal- India)
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  A Few Autumn Moments

Trees of deep green faith.
Leaves whispering good wishes.
Green hopes swaying in the grain-fields.
Fragrance of earth rising from there.
Rivers now no longer angry.
Fish resuming their love-making.
Some dreamy Kash flowers on the river-banks.
The sky all smile after a long time
Shrill twitter of the last batch of swallows.
The sun vigorously warm.
Endless life-particles emerging from the sun.
Sweat vigorously smelling of human being.
Chrysanthemum labouring hard to blossom forth.
Distant blue hills seen after an eye operation.
The heart rippling at the murmur of a song.
The moments cheerfully
accepting life once more.

An Armful of Autumn

Some illusive glimpses
like fragments of light
Dreams that come
to hang on the eyelashes
Some intimate moments
stolen and personal
Vibrations of an unexpressed joy
aching deep within
The memories dripping constantly
on the floor of mind
The Autumn has lately come to me
with an armful of love’s fragrance.


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2014)