Ljupce Zahariev
Secretary of Embassy of World Poets in Macedonia)

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I wait for your SMS in mobile.
You told me things
would be better
and more beautiful the next time.
But unreceived SMS message
is a simbol
of your thinking of me
between over to get
the back of your legs tan
and smiling at whoever's
touring the other way.


Slipping with the light on
with the computer on,
too tired to get undressed.
Wake with the sun at five
to start
another shade less day
in the choefactory.



I donít like funeral service,
if You wish my angel,
over my grave
read poems about us.
With my ashes
in your heart
wrote the poem
for our love.

© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)

Like Tibetian monk

Like Tibetian monk,
Through snow-covered mountains,
Through Qinghai Lake
I walked in a great golden dream,
Seeking tibetian dewdrops.
I found tibetian dewdrops.
When I put this pearls from Universe
In your heart,
With glittering eyeís
And hungry lips
We sips
The sweet mellow of joy.


You came to me
Like an angel
"In the early dawn
Iíll awake
And bathe in Tibetian dew,
Sing with silk voice
And dance
With rhythm
Of the soft
Qinghai Lakeís winds
Iíll spread
And fragrance
Of the beautifull Tibetian garden!"
With big hope
In the holy crystal Qinghai Lakeís waters
Full of rosy dreams
I wait for our great Tibetian dawn.

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)