Ljubomir Mihajlovski
 (Ambassador of World Poets in Macedonia)

The endless stars

The endless stars
my thoughts
which inconstantly
appear into my mind
which wants to frame them
on the Milky Way
to be a bounce
of my existence
in the ocean of Universe


I live
in a triangle room
in a round aerostat
in a spiral rocket.
I love
all forms
of my creation
at each geometrisation
of my body
I die without return


A moment after moment
moves in front of me
a time of silence passes.
My existence bangs soundly, banging
wants to scare the moment
when the time and matter
will crash into my eyes.
Itís impossible
to take away the picture
of my existence,
which smolders as in a lantern captured
by the silence of the space.


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)

My Love

My love
Just walk in morning
At the Qinghai Lake Beach
And you can imagine a teardrop of joy.
My love
Just touch
A Qinghai Lake waves
And you can imagine
Heartbeat of love.
My love
Just feel over your face
A Qinghai Lake wind
And you can imagine
A soul of Tibet.
My love
Just listen
A Qinghai Lake birds
And you can imagine
A smile of Universe.

Filled with joy and beauty

Filed with joy and beauty
I walk with my love
At  the roof of the world.
With the legís
At the Qinghai Lake beach
Surrounded by the snow-covered mountains,
From the ancient Tibetian pottery
I drink salt Qinghai Lakes water,
In which water transformed your love,
The more drink of it
The more thirsty I become.
At the brightness Tibetian sky
With the stars
I draw your image
And this constellation
I called with your name my love.
In moment,
Rich with love and passion
And when my soul is brimful with you,
In front of the throne of our love
Placed in Tibet
Where seat our two hearts,
With comets fire
We kindle lamps of Universe
For our immortal love.

© Author
(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)