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  The Nation Salutes Thee.

The Nation Salutes Thee.
Surrounded by stupendous
Towers Of snow
Temperature swooning to minus
Degrees normal below
A frozen hell for the soldiers
Ice moving in miles
Rivers slow.
Sudden blizzards bury
The artillery field
In minutes to go.
Ice caves,igloos,he sleeps in
Breathes air so spare
of oxygen.
Sends the heart still
Into a mad gallop.
Pounding headaches,fainting spells
With chewing frost bites
In the limbs
But stops not he.
In the vast whiteness
Hitting the enemy
Is hard.
Crags and craters make him slow
But stops not he.
Swerving erratically ,mortal shells
Fly unpredictably
Innumerable perish from avalanches
And miss steps into crevices.
That nature has camouflaged
With snow.
Ice licked away in Spring Time.
Open up new underground
Cracks and seams.
Tall fierce ,furious,frozen mountains
Snowbound surround
Combat refrigerated the fights
Muscle tremble
Gasping for breath
Yet with amazing Zeal
Stops not he.
Thee fight for thy land
Thy dear motherland
Live in ice tunnels
Goughed out with a pick axe
Hissing competes with
The howling of wind.
Black smoke
Seems to colour
Everything—a man’s spit too.
Huddles around the
Small kerosene stoves
But stops not he.


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2014)