Cheng Youshu

  Watching the Earth from the Moon

What a scene when the earth rises
above the moon-horizon,
I would like to see it a thousand times,
As if Iím standing on the moon,
Watching the rising earth become a full moon.
Since the earth isnít the burning sun,
I neednít hide myself in the shade of a tree.
Against vast space,
the earth is blue, not hot red,
Nor as lonely and chilly as a crystal sphere.
What is it like, the sky above the moon?
Are there myriad stars looking down
at all existence?
Since there are no trees to capture absent wind,
How can there be birds
singing among the leaves?
Opening new territory,
exploring and even migrating lives,
Are the pioneers writing another Genesis?
Yet I prefer to believe
it would be better for human beings
To live on the earth,
even called by some only a cradle.
Flying, rising, soaring, the universe is boundless.
Being close and closer, all are so mysterious.
O, mankind, never destroy the earth further!
Who can give us wings to fly
if our mother earth dies?


© Author

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Summer 2015)