C. P. A Boobacker

email: cpaboobacker@gmail.com

Why? Why?

Do we have to cry aloud,
If sad about the troubles
of the world around?
Do we have to shout aloud
If we speak about the horrors
We experience?
Do we have to torch a light
To seek a man in our midst
Drowning in dearth of words?
Do we have to burn logs
To cook the fowl we caught
If we have fire inside?
Do we have to fiddle the string
In the cool flowery spring
If we have music inside?
Do we have to smile around
About the graze of love and calf
In the wilderness of poetry?
About the chewed up grass?
About the saliva drops fallen?
About dew drops sprinkling in eyes?
Do we have to cry aloud
About the corpses around
Hanging on the wayside posts
Cockroached into atomic wombs
Destruction beyond their reach
Extinction ready for man?

(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)