Arunachalam Angappan

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Zillion Dollar Enigma

Indian tradition, culture and ethos!
Are they free from vanity?
No. It's insanity to suffer for vanity's sake.
Wake up and stop your vitals
gnawed by vanities.
Young widows and spinsters!
Why shut you off from public glare?
Why let you gray and fall your pubic hair?
Why should you suffer, shrink and wither?
To preserve the mirage of honour?
Poor victims! Come out. Participate in life.
Hollow mores of a society soaked in falsity!
Submit not to them. Rather fight them out.
Hurt not yourself beyond forbearance
to end up as a walking-dead, loony angel.
I love… I adore…
I worship the WOMAN.
Thrive Sakthi! Thrive Saktham!!
Trounce my profanity that was. I expiate.
Peace to men in love.
Peace to women in love.
Peace to men out of love.
Peace to women out of love.

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(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)