Anjali Dewan
(Himachal Pradesh - India)

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Hidden Treasure

When a time comes in life
When you desire nothing
When you want nothing
But you get everything.
When expectations die
When your attitude changes
When giving gives more
pleasure than receiving.
When you feel
you lack nothing
Consider yourself blessed
as you have
somewhere, somehow
got the glimpse
of your own hidden self.
You have lost the world
but you are not a loser
You have got yourself back
The treasure of treasures
has come within your reach.
The rich are counting pennies
You are surrounded
By the penniless
King of kings.

My Journey

I was like an unopened bud
with all my inhibitions
fears and dependency.
Slowly and steadily
I started to grow.
Helping hands held me
Optimistic minds never let me fall
The bud turned into a flower.
Adversities broke a petal or two
Love, compassion nurtured my being
Beauty, joy and happiness
Made me blossom.
A time will come
When autumn will set in
The flower will fall
Another bud to take its place.
The petals will shrivel
The journey of life
Will end one day.
But the fragrance will always remain.


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2013)