TWO FRIENDS by Makhfirat Bekmurodova
(Mother tongue and literature teacher of the school 28 in Karshi city, Uzbekistan.)
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Navoi was kind man and used to give great honour to his friends and teachers. He wrote lots of poems and qasidas (odes) dedicating to them. Especially he was very kind to his lovely teacher Jomiy. Navoi was 27 years younger than Jomiy. As there was such difference between their age, Navoi respected Jomiy as his best teacher and adviser and he named "the top of maturity’s shining sun ". He always showed Jomiy and consulted with him.

Once Navoi visited Jomiy’s place. The two friends talked too long. Jomiy spoke about Hisrav Dehlaviy’s (qasida) ode "Daryoyi abror" (the river of kind men). Navoi also marked high Hisrav’s work and remembered Amir Hisrav’s words. "If all of my works are disappointed, it’s enough saving only this one which keeps all meanings ". Not some time passed Navoi was going to Marv. Before going out Navoi came to see Jomiy. Before saying good bye Jomiy had given him a book without book cover and said: "If you have any time please read and write your thoughts to poor us ". Navoi liked the qasida very much. Jomiy wrote his (qasida) ode "Lujjat-ul-asror" (the bottom of the secrets sea) assimilating to "Daryoyi abror". Being inspired of that Navoi thought that "I also should answer". Passing the way, the great poet stopped in the beautiful, flourishing village. Gave his horse to innkeeper at a caravansaray, he rested one of the empty rooms. Then he asked a pen and a piece of paper, he sent a letter to Jomiy. He marked high his new written work, he wrote that he would write new one while he was arriving in Marv on the way, he wrote it’s first couplet. He asked Jomiy to say his opinion. He gave the letter to the leavers to Hirat. He mounted his horse again and went on his way saying good bye to the people in the village.

Other hundred couplets of the qasida he finished on the horse in the way. As soon as he arrived in Marv, he copy out qasida and sent to Jomiy.

The qasida of "Tufat-ul-afgor" created like this. After reading qasida Jomiy was very glad. He thanked Navoi a lot for his talent and gave a brimless felt hat and waistband shawl (belqars) for present. As Navoi met Jomiy until his death they were partner friends forever and associated every step of poetry. Navoi went to see Jomiy when he was ill. After his death he was at Jomiy’s house seven days and wished for a good outcome for him. The seventh day of his death Navoi gave plov (Uzbek national food) to the thousand people for Jomiy’s memory. He depressed very much. He began to feel alone himself. He returned back to his creative work and went on writing "Majolis-un nafois".

Translated by Saodat Tilakova


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)