Marriage With God
by Asror Allayarov
Editor-in Chief of newspaper "Eastern World", Karshi (Uzbekistan)

"Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two . . . No. First I should think it over."

A young man, sitting on one of the seats in palace Sitorai Mohi Hossa, which was built by emirs of ancient Bukhara, glanced at his beloved who was next to him. Her eyes were already on him. The girl laughed cheerfully and this almost burnt his heart.

He sank into his ocean of thoughts. Dawn reminds me of Godís face, and a woman is his body. It is because a womanís body is the most perfect one among living creatures. Well, what about a manís body? What does it look like? It is beyond my understanding. But one thing is certain, that our body is given to us to subordinate our spirit to destiny. Without it, we would change our fate as we like. And, of course, if there was another perfect means to take control of our lives, we probably would not have admitted the God.

The young man stared at the girl who was watching him secretly. He dreamed again: You must be thinking about my body too. Perhaps you donít like it. Oh, I wish you could see my spirit. It is not me in this body. This image does not belong to your future husband.

Yes, I should think it over. Actually, I should be ready for everything from now on. Even for guilt. It is impossible to visualize what happens in our future life. We can feel it only after experiencing that life. Perhaps, I face a betrayal. It conquers me soon. No, I will never let it happen.

The young man was not able to tame his thoughts for almost two and a half hours and it seemed as if the entire world was captured by this dilemma.

He moved towards the beautiful old garden to distract his thoughts. There used to be lots of peacocks long ago, but now only few have remained. He came close to the peacocks, and the girl followed him. They gave grain to the peacocks.

Then they watched themselves in the Venice mirrors presented to Bukhara emir by the ambassador of Italy. The girl stared at one of them for a long time.

"Look! Now I look a year younger." She turned to the young man who was observing her quietly.

He said, "The mirror has a secret power. But for me there is no point looking at it, the power works only with a woman. Anyway, come close to it and you can see yourself at forty sides. If you dream, it certainly comes true."

They sat on one of the seats in the yard of the palace. The young man thought, Then she never leaves me alone. She comes so close to me that I would forget my wishes. My novels would remain incomplete, my manuscripts disappear somewhere. And the sleepless nights . . . No, I should not let this happen, but there is no way out. If I refuse it now, then I would never be able to know this mystery.

Finally, he dared to turn to the girl. She was watching a French lady who was giving grain to the peacocks. He quietly directed her face to him with his hands. He wanted to say something but could not. Instead, he took a ring from his pocket and placed it on her finger. After some time, she passionately kissed his cheek. Only then he knew that he was not mistaken.

The French lady was surrounded by peacocks.

Translated by Gulruh Doniyorova


(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Jan-April 2014)