Sandhya, S. N. is a bilingual poet and social activist. She is doing Ph.D in Gender and Development. Presently working with Kerala Council for Historical Research. She is also a News Presenter in Doordarshan. Her published works are of poetry. She is Chief Editor, Indian Ruminations and lives in Trivandrum (Kerala) -India. She was Co-organiser of 10th International Writers Festival-India held at Trivandrum (Kerala) on 27-28 December, 2014
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10th International Writers Festival &
Indian Ruminations Literary Festival 2014

-- a report by Sandhya, S. N.

Kafla Intercontinental’s 10th International Writers Festival and Indian Ruminations Literary Festival 2014 was organized on 27-28 December, 2014 at Kerala Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)-India. The festival was organized jointly by India-Inter-Continental Cultural Association, Chandigarh, Indian Ruminations, Kerala, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, and Shruti – the School of Music, Guwahati. The focal theme of the festival was ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ with special focus on World Peace and Literature. About 150 writers from India and abroad participated in the two day festival.

On 27th December, 2014 the inaugural Session commenced at 10.30 a.m. The session started with an Introduction by Dr. Parinita Goswami, Director, Shruti School of Music. Sandhya S.N the Chief Programmes Co-ordinator briefed about the two day festival and invited the dignitaries on the stage. Dev Bharadwaj, Festival Director welcomed the Honourable Guests and participants and gave a brief about the previous Festivals. Dr. N. Radhakrishnan, Working Chairman, Kerala Gandhi Smarak Nidhi presided over the function. The festival was inaugurated by Sri Puthusheri Ramachandran, the renowned Malayalam writer.

The festivals were scheduled to conduct in two Halls in the venue. 10th International Writer’s Festival in the Sarwa Dharma Bhavan, which was named as Prof. B. Hridayakumari Nagar and Indian Ruminations Literary Festival in K.J. Pillai Hall named as Prof. K. Ayyappa Paniker Nagar. Dr. D. Maya Rtd. Principal, University of Kerala gave a talk in the inaugural session on the contributions of two great teachers. The condolence message in the demise of Prof. B. Hridayakumari was read by Dr. Maya and the festival observed one minute silence as its honour to her.

Dr. Thomas Issac, MLA, Padmasree Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte (Mizoram), Prof. Mustafizur Rahman, Ex. Vice Chancellor, People’s University of Bengaladesh, Dean, City University, Mr. Asror Allayarov, Uzbakistan were the Guests of Honour. Dr. G. Jayakumar, Editor, Indian Forward, gave away the vote of thanks for the Inaugural Session. The chief guests released more than 20 books of writers from India and abroad.

This festival was attended by delegates from the countries like Bangladesh, Croatia, Kazakhistan, South Africa, UK, USA, Uzbekistan. Indian delegates were from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Odisha, Puduchery, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Telengana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. After the Inaugural Session, further sessions started in parallel Nagars.

27th December 2014
(K. Ayyappa Panikkar Nagar)

In the K. Ayyappa Panikkar Nagar (K.J Pillai Hall), Indian Ruminations organized its first seminar session on ‘Evolution of Themes and Styles in Indian English Writing’. The session was chaired by Prof. D. Maya. Prof. G. N Panikar, renowned bilingual writer and Prof. Meena T. Pillai,, Indian Institute of English, University of Kerala talked over the subject. In the function, Prof. G.N Panicker gave away Indian Ruminations Poetry Award 2014 to Mr. P. A. Naushad, renowned Indian English Poet from Kerala. Two books were released in the function. ‘Tequila’ the anthology of poems by Rajesh Chithira with its translations by Sandhya S.N. and Anthology of English Poems ‘In Solitude’ by Rahul Sharma was released by Prof. G.N Paniker.

The poetry reading started at 3.15 pm. About 27 poets presented the poems. There were Malayalam and English poetry recitations.
27th December 2014

(B. HridayaKumari Nagar)

In the B. Hridaya Kumari Nagar (Sarwa Dharma Bhavan) two paper presentation sessions and one poetry recitation session were conducted in Kafla Intercontinental’s 10th International Writers Festival-India. In the evening poetry in singing was presented by various poets.

Prof. Manjit Indira, Mr. Sham Singh, Mr. Harish Mangalam, Salu D’ Souza, Charu Chitra, Devmani Pandey, Kunti, Jinat Rehana and others amongst the delegates conducted the vario us sessions. Sessions were also chaired by the distinguished writers amongst the participants notably- Prof. Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladesh), Prof. Mohammed Shamsul Hoque (UK), Mr. Jacob Isaac, Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte, Mr. Asror Allayarov (Uzbekistan), Mr. Dinko Telecan (Croatia), and Mr. Siri Ram Arsh.

The Scholars presented their papers and poets presented their poems. The audience also actively participated in discussions.

At 6.30 pm, the participants from both the halls assembled in front of Smrithi Mandapam of Mahatma Gandhi in the venue. The participants lighted the candles in the Mandapam for world peace. Mr. Siriram Arsh, a Punjabi poet and Ghazal lyricist gave a talk on World Peace at the place. Later the participants assembled in the B. Hridaya Kumari Nagar for the ‘Kavya Sandhya’ the cultural evening which lasted till 8.45pm.

28th December 2014
K. Ayyappa Panikkar Nagar

Seminar on ‘Vasudaiva Kudmbakom – A Gandhiyan concept for World peace’ started at 10.30 am. Ms. Geetha J. welcomed Sri. P. Gopinathan Nair for the speech. Informative and scholarly talk was very well received by the participants and commented its relevance after the talk. Ms. Sangeetha S.N sang a song on Gandhiji and was well appreciated by the participants. Ms. Krisha Nararpuzha gave away the vote of thanks for the session.

After the lunch, the participants assembled in the hall for the next session on ‘Process of Decolonization in Contemporary Writings at 2.30 pm. Ms. Sandhya S.N. welcomed the session and Mr. K.G. Jagadeeshan, Secretary, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, presided over the function. The book, ‘Stigmata’ of Mr. Glavious T. Alexander was also released in the function. Prof. K.E.N gave a talk on Decolonization in Contemporary Writings. Following which, Mr. C. Asokan gave his talk on the seminar subject. Mr. Vinod Vaishaki introduced the Book “Stigmata’. Finally felicitation by Mr. Hari Charutha was followed by a vote of thanks by Mr. Glavious T. Alexander.

28th December 2014
(B. Hridayakumari Nagar)

The first paper presentation session in the hall commenced at 10.30 a.m. The participants briefly presented their papers and were reviewed by the panel of experts and discussed by the audience. There were very interesting discussions on various subjects. In between the presentations the panel gave the opportunity for the writers to present their poetry. Hence it was very interesting.

After the tea break, the paper presentation session continued. Altogether 72 people presented their papers/writings in the two day festival. After the lunch break at 2.30 pm, the poetry reading session started.

After the tea break at 5.30 pm, the participants of the two halls assembled in the B. Hridayakumari Nagar for the certification distribution function. All participants were given the participation certificate and Kafla Intercontinental’s Literary Awards were also presented in the function. In the concluding session, Kalfa Intercontinental honored Mr. K.G Jagadeeshan, Secretary, Gandhi Smarak Nidhi for the Organizing Committee of the festival. He congratulated the participants of the festival. The two day festival concluded at 8 p.m.
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