Why do I Love my Motherland ?

- Mekhribon ISMATOVA (Uzbekistan)


Motherland- what an emotional word it is! This word gives everyone some kind of pride. The meaning of this word is so wide, that one cannot describe it at once. What is motherland? How can we explain this word? My point of view, motherland is my home where I’m living, my prosperous community, my equipped city with modern conveniences and at last my free and flourishing land- Uzbekistan.


Motherland! You are the wing which supports my life’s fly, for waiting of my future. You are my Tamerlane who had trembled the world and you are my world-wide Babur. You’re my Sun which shines my soul, as shines all over the universe, my pride which is higher mountains. You exist also my Uzbek people exist, you exist and I also exist.

Why do people love their native country? The feeling of loving motherland is not only for a human however it is also for all alive existences. As wild animals flutter to their dwelling, birds flutter to their nest, as fish cannot live without water, people flutter to their home, family which considered the root of the country.

While talking about the homeland without hesitation and with a great proud I can say that we’re generation of those forefathers who were great people. If we say these words with a fervor, we must try grandparents and also to our parents.

My father always says: “Daughter, every person must love and respect their native country and if it necessary one must be ready to give their life for peace of the country. If some kind of malicious black enemies attack to our land we must be ready for its protection. It is our duty before our mother country.” As our president said in his speech: “Loving Motherland is sacred as a sacred place”.

Everyday when I get up in the morning, I always remain calm and I’m never afraid of being attacked by anyone because our government pays a great attention to our safety.

Thanks to God we are living, studying, creating, working and taking pleasure in a peaceful, abundant plentiful country. Nowadays, my country is prosperous, quite, independent land which has already developed its way of achievements. Today also creative works are summiting. You can see these kinds of changes in our ancient and beautiful Karshi. Sky-scrapers, the new exemplary buildings, grass landing places, widened streets give attractiveness to our city. There are also old sightseeing places in Karshi. These are the mosques of “Khujai Jarroh” and “Odina”, the museum “AbduLazizkhan”, “Kashkadarya” river, “Sardoba” - Pond. After Independence these kinds of ancient places were rebuilt. Therefore such kinds of wide affairs and chances one can see in every cities, towns and far away villages of our country.
But there are also such kinds of people who neglected these possibilities and go to foreign lands and base themselves. Without deeply thinking of their motherland they are just leaving it for earning money.

Whereas, there are numerous possibilities for everyone, who wants to get knowledge to do business and also to people who earn money by theirs labor. For example: to people who want to get knowledge there are a lot of opportunities given by our president I. A. Karimov. For encouraging talented girls there is established award under the name of Zulfiya. For intelligent students Alisher Navoi, Beruniy and President scholarships founded.

In order to study in a very high level there are plenty of chances for the youth. Our youth can study in foreign countries also. Youth can search and study according to their interests and choices. Using these chances I’m also trying to achieve my goals.

Sometimes when I watch TV, I see people who are not respecting their parents or old people in other countries. I’m sorry for them, because it’s unusual for me. In our country respecting old people is a national tradition. After Independence care for our national traditions are widened. A lot of opportunities are also given to old people. For example: “Veneration of old people”. On holidays they are visited by relatives, community, government officials and also by teenagers too. In our country old people are always in great respect. For that I love my motherland!


© Author
(Published in Kafla Intercontinental - Spring 2016)