Kafla Inter-Continental
(an international Tri-annual Peer-Reviewed Journal of Art, Literature & Culture)
ISSN 2278-1625,    RNI CHA-ENG/1994/235

We are also engaged in publication of Kafla Inter-Continental, (an international Tri-annual  Peer-Reviewed Journal of Art, Literature & Culture)  in which writings from various languages and regions appear. Thanks for overwhelming response received, Kafla Intercontinental. is now 22 years strong. At Kafla Inter-Continetal we pursue the aims and activities of building up bridges of understanding between the peoples of the world through awareness created by Literature, Art & Culture. Kafla symbolizes man's primeval search for the unknown, the less-known and the ill-known. Kafla.... is another name for the wanderer and the foot-loose, at least in the realm of the mind and the soul. Kafla is a Hindustani word. Its literary meaning is a group of people going on a long journey, with a built up sense of security. So with Kafla, we started a seemingly endless journey of ideas, thoughts, memories, desires and wishes... the whole gamut of human expression. We try to build bridges of understanding, of friendships, of cultures and sub-cultures through Kafla Inter-Continental ... a no way small venture to aspire for. Kafla .... will be on the move to all the regions of the world to report on their cultures, literature, art and artifacts. It will meet the writers, artists and other souls in their study and the studio.

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